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CR seals a brief introduction
Aug 30, 2016

CR seals used between rotating and non-rotating machine parts. They consist of the following parts: steel (shell) or elastic rubber cylindrical outer cover, it can still seal housing bore and seals on the box axis hole reached the required degree of interference, for precise installation of elastomer sealing lip ring of axial dynamic and static seals. Lip has a sealing lip, is formed by pressing, cutting or grinding, often with a garter spring, to radial force close to the axis of the law across the press. The sealing lip of lip and the axis across the form of radial shaft seals of the most important role. The lip at the lounge area provides fluid power accessories, lip seal can progress result. Assistive devices can be designed specifically for running in the direction of Western Ontario plan, as well as alternating the direction of shaft rotation plan. Also provide a special sealing lip to protect the sealed corridor itself from dust and other tiny solids misappropriation. The sealing lip yourself (the main lip) and (secondary) participate in the proper lubricant can reduce the wear between the lip and delay corrosion. Provide fluid power assist device environment, should remember is that the space between the primary and secondary lips may appear insufficient representation, which would increase pressure. Providing breathing holes in the lip, can alleviate this condition. Should also note is that impurity through the lip will eventually damage across the region. Can cause a build-up of heat between the two lips appearance; this contributes to premature wear.

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