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Description Rubber Line Printing And Production Processes
Aug 27, 2016

H r 05 N-F 3 g 0.75 h---type: h for HARMONIZED (coordinating body), a representative of OTHER STD (other institutions). 05---the rated voltage value: 03=300/300V;05=300/500V;07=450/750V r---basic insulation materials: V=PVC (PVC) R=RUBBER (rubber) S=SI RUBBER (silicone rubber) ... N---additional insulation: N=POLYCHLOROPRENE RUBBER (neoprene) ... F---wire structures: F= cord thread, H= soft hairlines ... 3---number of cores: g---grounding type: g = Earth; X= without grounding 0.75---cross-section: 0.75=0.75 mm2 0.75 0.75 square mm cross sectional area of the wire.