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Rubber Hose Applications In Beverage
Aug 27, 2016

Steel wire braided hose (two wire)

Structure: rubber tube consists of an inner adhesive layer, two-tier steel wire braided sandwich and outside rubber layer.

Application: suitable for conveying of hydraulic fluids such as alcohol, fuel, lubricating oil, emulsion and so on.

Operating temperature:-66-+ 135 ℃


Has a long life; not containing animal origin ingredients; smooth inside walls provide unobstructed flow of easy cleaning; moisture absorption of low permeability is low; hose is translucent color can visually monitor solution flow by FDA certified materials meet standards USP,ISO and EP; disinfection with high temperature and high pressure sterilization; can tolerate.


Bio-ingredient beverage peristaltic pump tubes specially designed for critical fluids and peristaltic pump design and production. Hose is translucent, good flexibility, suitable for fluid processing equipment.

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